Blake Mier, CFP®

Blake Mier, CFP®


Mission Statement

It is my mission to develop and maintain an open, honest, and respectful relationship with my clients and their families.  This foundation will allow us to make the best decisions possible as we work toward our financial goals.

I am a very lucky guy.

For 25 years, my clients have allowed me into their lives and let me do one of the things I like to do most – help them to make the best decisions we can as we strive to build, manage, preserve, and transition their wealth.

In a format like this, I could talk about all of the work we’ve done towards retirement planning, estate investment planning, and business planning.  To tell you the truth, the aspect of my business that I enjoy most is getting to know my clients and learning about their hopes, fears, and goals.

I could also tell you that I’ve earned the CFP certification from the College for Financial Planning, but it’s as important to me that you know about my wife, Jess, and our three children.

You may also want to know about all of the resources we have available to us that help us plan for your financial future.  We can and will absolutely talk about all of those things.  But first we need to make sure we’re a good fit for one another.  There are all kinds of advisors out there and I admit that I’m not right for everyone.  I feel strongly that we need to trust and respect one another first.  It is from that foundation that we can do the most good.